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My name is Justin Tipton, the creator of THE LINEMAN. THE LINEMAN is the onboard trimmer line holder that attaches to any string trimmer (weedeater), and holds enough line to respool a trimmer head and get you back to your truck, trailer, or garage with less down time. My background includes nearly twenty years experience in retail power equipment sales and also multiple years of commercial property maintenance. The creation of this product was due to a problem that I had while out working on a property. We happened to be on one of the larger properties that day, it must have been 100 degrees out, and it was our last stop of the day. I only had about ten feet of trimming left and I was trying to finish up to head back to my truck to turn on the A/C when I bumped the head to feed out more trimmer line to finish up, and it ran out. I was so frustrated that I didn’t have extra line with me. I began the long walk back to my truck and trailer not because I was finished, but because I ran out of line. As I walked past the guy with the blower I said “I ran out of line man!” Later, that influenced the name of our product. I wasted a lot of time that day along with frustration towards myself for not being prepared for such an obvious problem I was going to encounter and realize that I am not the only person that has had this problem. In fact, I would venture to say that most anyone who has ever used a trimmer can relate to the issue I had that day. So I decided to do something about it! After many prototypes and countless hurdles to jump over, we present to you THE LINEMAN. We hope it serves you well.