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Being a commercial lawn business, this product has been phenomenal. My employees always have the lineman loaded with string! No more walking long distances to the truck be cause the string emptied out their trimmer! This product will save on labor and time on jobs. Something very simple and worth putting on every trimmer in the fleet! Would recommend to anyone!


This has been great for me! I mow many hours every day and when I run out of string and don’t have it on me, I always have to go back to the trailer and re load. This has changed my time during the day and won’t have a trimmer with out the lineman added!


Great invention. I own a farm and have a lot of weed eating to do frequently and never remember to bring more string with me... I always run out of string when I’m far away from the spoil of string to reload. The lineman has helped me always remember to load it before I start to trim and when I ran out, I just took the string from the lineman and was able to load my trimmer up right away. I love this product! The cost is minimal and I think everyone should have one!


As a Lawncare being my profession, I have had ran out of string on my trimmer many times and had to make many trips extra to the truck, which is never good when time is money. Yes, I have carried string in my pocket many times, but I have also forgotten many times or it’s fallen out and I had no string when it was needed. The lineman is always on my trimmer and when I run out I can quickly reload. Great product.


I bought this for my husband. He said it is great and solves one of the big problems you run into while trimming the yard.


I have always wanted a product like this as I always run out of sting when I am as far away from the truck as possible (as my last picture shows). Putting sting in my pockets is a mess. Quick google search and I stumbled on this. One of my favorite purchases for my landscape business this year. So simple but so effective. I love being an early adopter on products like this. I ordered another one so now both of my trimmers have one. Awesome!